BOOK – GYMNOSPERMS of the United States & Canada

Key field Manual to 115 species of Conifers found the United States and Canada.

This book contains keys and illustrations for 115 conifers in the US and Canada. This book contains an illustrated glossary of 100 terms and keys that rely mostly on cone, leaf, bud, and bark characteristics. This book can be used by botanists, foresters, naturalists, and plant lovers as a field manual and self-teacher. This book is written in layman’s terms to help even children to identify. When it was first published, I went to Stephen F. Austin State University Library to talk about reviews on my book. I was given several top reviewers addresses. This book was reviewed by everyone, including Choice, Library Journal, Midwest Journal, Taxon (The International Journal of Plant Taxonomy) and The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard U. In 2012, the book was also nominated for an award by the Council on Botanical and Horticultural Libraries. The softcover ISBN is 978-0-934115-03-2 and the hardcover is 978-0-934115-05-6.

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