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Bruce Lyndon Cunningham is not a new name in the forestry industry, he has built exquisite hand-made wooden carvings for over forty years, using the time to nurture shrewd expertise at understanding the different intricacies of forests, trees, and other instruments of nature and gathering immense wealth of experience in the wood-carving field in a bid to serve his clients nothing short of perfection. is a brainchild of Mr. Cunningham, and it is a culmination of his wood carving experiences from various parts of the world and has grown into an internationally recognized brand identity. The brand has earned numerous awards and accolades from different institutions spread across the globe and has grown over the years to become a household name in forestry and wood-carving circles. presents the perfect avenue for foresters, botanists, and nature lovers to connect with one another through the intricate work of arts designed to help them integrate seamlessly with nature.Call at (936)462-0672 or (936)569-6965. . . .Email at