Mr. Cunningham was born October 21st, 1948 in San Angelo, Texas. Cunningham is internationally known as the “Forester-Artist.” He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry and a Master of Arts degree in Art from Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas. For 40 years, Cunningham has exhibited his work at forestry conventions—displaying his original artwork, prints, custom wood frames, woodcarvings, and full-color note cards. His signed and numbered limited edition prints featuring pen and ink watercolor illustrations can be found in both private and corporate collections worldwide.
    In 1982, the National Hardwood Lumber Association in Memphis, TN, commissioned Mr. Cunningham to illustrate 16 different trees in the hardwood industry. They still hang in their offices to this day. They are Black Walnut, Blackcherry, Bald-cypress, American Elm, American Basswood, American Beech, Sugar Maple, Red Alder, White Ash, Pecan Hichory, Honduras Mahogany and other.  

 Sugar Maple – Acer saccharum

   In 1990, the Society of American Foresters in Washington D. C. commissioned Bruce Lyndon Cunningham to create the painting of the historic Wye Oak Tree, Quercus alba, in Wye Mills, Maryland. The original painting and frame were to be given to President George H. Bush at the National Convention that year in Washington D. C. To this day, at the President’s request, the painting hangs in the Gifford Pinchot building in Bethesda, Maryland.

Friends in Slocum, Texas holding the President’s painting.

    In 2005, Bruce Lyndon Cunningham was commissioned by the United States Forest Service in Washington D. C. by the Chief Forester to design a painting for the 100th year of the U. S. Forest as a gift to President George W. Bush. The painting is a pen and ink watercolor with a hand-carved, American chestnut wood frame. He received it at the White House on the 29th of April, Arbor Day. The President and Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns planted an American chestnut tree on the White House grounds that day. 

unningham was impressed at an early age from his encounters with the paintings of the European Great Masters. Coming from a military family, he had the privilege of spending much of his 1950’s childhood in Europe. While his family resided in Germany, frequent travels took them to such places as Rome, Amsterdam, and Oberammergau (Germany), the wood carving village. Especially vivid memories of Cunningham include his visits toRembrandt’s “Night Watch” painting, Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, and Durer’s botanical works. Today, Cunningham’s botanical illustrations, in custom wood-carved frames, exemplify how his knowledge of trees and artistic talent create a unique and diversified career. The “Forester-Artist’s” work is easily recognizable for his style and technique. 

     In 2010 he published, illustrated and designed the book, “GYMNOSPERMS of the United States and Canada”-ISBN 978-0-934115-05-6. Dr. Elray S. Nixon wrote the text for the book. This field manual was the first of its kind, with key features including full-color illustrations of 115 species from six families and an illustrated glossary.

Oil on canvas -“Elk in Alaska” 30″ by 36″

     It went international within a few months of its release in the following countries: Canada, France, England, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand. The book can be found in bookstores, libraries, and botanical gardens throughout the world. In 2012, it was nominated for the Council on Botanical and Horticultural Libraries’ annual awardfor outstanding literature in botany or horticulture. Then in 2015, it was awarded the Correll Memorial Award by Native Plant Society of Texas.



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